Emily Reinhardt is a great product designer based in Omaha, Nebraska. She creates  ceramic vessels using wheel thrown, slip cast and hand built method. I think her products have something really special. Lots of love in the details.

You can buy this amazing work in her etsy shop.


All pictures by Emily Reinhardt.


Cookery book: ZUPPA lecker

Today I want to show you the portfolio and projects of an amazing, talented and
awesome woman. Juana Gürtler gratuaded as  ‚Diplom-Designer‘ on the same design school in Trier I did :) During her study period she worked in a small restaurant called ZUPPA.
It’s very popular in Trier and everybody likes the delicious soups. As diploma she did an illustrated cookery book called ‘ZUPPA lecker’ filled with recipes of all the delicious soups you can order at the restaurant. Juana went to Berlin to show her work to the jaja publishing company. It’s a small publishing company that publishes creative artwork. As we all know you sometimes need some money to get your own creative projects done. So she started a crowdfunding project with startnext to get the money to print the beautiful book. And it totally worked! The book is full of bright and colorful illustrations. Juana works with lot of colors and different materials. She describes her work as colorful, wild, fond, chaotic and playful. Take a look at her her amazing work. And as you may already know – the soups are yummy!
You can buy it here. Let’s make some soup!
Cookery book ZUPPA lecker
More of Juana’s amazing work:

Modern Mud

Let’s start sunday morning with this talented woman :)
Naomi designs beautiful ceramics. I like the pureness and simplicity
of her work and the bright golden highlights. And the best is you can
buy them in her etsy shop. Put your rings in one of these girls!

All pictures via Modern mud.

Mud ceramics by Naomi